Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on the importance of customer service.

After all, we often think that the quality of our core offering (eg. therapy) is good enough that we don’t have to worry about the other moments we engage with our clients.

In fact, those moments outside of the therapy room—during booking, rebooking, billing, homework and more—matter just as much, yet we give so much less attention to them.

With that in mind, here are three ways you can improve your customer service immediately and create raving clients.

  1. Respond to emails quickly. It doesn’t matter whether you, a virtual assistant or a clinical administrator respond so long as a response is given the same day. That means setting aside time to write friendly, warm emails every day or, again, having someone else manage your inbox for you. When your clients reach out, getting back to them quickly and fully matters.
  2. Check-in when you don’t have to. See an article or a book that might resonate with a client? Send it to them. A quick two-line email that says, “This article made me think of you” matters so much in the heart of a client. Why? Because it shows that you’re thinking of them outside of session time. It communicates to them that they matter to you.
  3. Write a card. Know your client had a win at work, an anniversary or birthday, or maybe they simply had a breakthrough in session, show them you care by writing a card and mailing it to them. We all love getting personal, intimate mail… and so do your clients!

These are simple but critical. Take the time to implement a process around you to make sure these three things are happening on a weekly basis. Track your performance and hold yourself accountable, as these three will turn your clients into raving fans.