In the day to day of running any business, it can be easy to lose track of making a customer experience fantastic. At Shift, we try and employ these simple, quick, and meaningful customer service gestures.

Here are four of our favourites…

1. Send an Article

As you naturally browse the web, be mindful of what content you’re reading that your clients – especially a particular client – will love. Send them the link in a quick 2-line email. It’s so simple and will show that you’re thinking of them.

2. Send a Thank You Card

Remember how special you felt the last time you got a piece of physical mail? Exactly. Next time you’re out, buy a box of cards and stamps. Keep them on hand and set aside 20 minutes every week to write a handful of cards. Bonus tip: Include a $5 Starbucks gift card.

3. Share an Event

See an event happening in your community that might be of interest to your clients? Share it with them! Providing avenues of connection is a big part of the role of a therapist these days. Make a habit of looking at local event listings and share away!

4. Give Homework

…and meaningful, relevant homework at that. Don’t just photocopy some old article from the 1970’s, come up with a way for your clients to continue their growth in a real-world setting.