Coming up with ideas for blog posts can be so stressful… but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are 60 ideas that you can steal and make your own. And if you’re looking to reduce the amount of time it takes you to write a blog dramatically, you might like my post on how to write a blog in less than 20 minutes.

  1. How to find time for yourself before a busy workday
  2. How to tell my partner (or family, best friend, kids, etc.) I’m trying therapy
  3. What I learned from going from a full-time job becoming a therapist
  4. Why I chose therapy
  5. The 5 most important things to do in your down time
  6. 3 marketing channels that get you new clients
  7. 3 ways to break the ice with new clients
  8. The best way to build a convincing personal brand
  9. 3 ways to add more value to your clients
  10. 3 ways to get more referrals from your clients
  11. What to do when your client can no longer pay
  12. 4 ways to bridge the divide between you and a remote client
  13. What you can expect during your first session of therapy
  14. How to choose the right therapist for me
  15. What to do if you always feel like you’re “too busy”
  16. How to take 5 minutes to be mindful every day
  17. When is meditation not helpful
  18. How to balance working out and working hard
  19. How to say bye to toxic people in our lives
  20. How to reconnect with someone you hurt
  21. How to close a chapter of your past
  22. 5 things to do to calm your mind in one minute or less
  23. How to take up journaling and stick to it
  24. How to break a bad habit
  25. How to break imposter syndrome
  26. How to think about social anxiety
  27. How to support a loved one through a tough time
  28. How to date when I’m not feeling okay about myself
  29. How to work hard when I’m struggling
  30. How to forgive myself
  31. How to forgive someone who hurt you
  32. How to identify someone as a narcissist
  33. How to get help when in crisis
  34. What is a mental health crisis? And what should I do?
  35. What’s the difference between a social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist?
  36. What is the difference between crisis and distress?
  37. Dos and don’ts of starting therapy
  38. How to create a routine around going to regular therapy
  39. Are all therapists the same?
  40. 5 myths about therapy
  41. 5 myths about getting help
  42. 5 myths about stepping into atherapist’s office
  43. Why video therapy can work
  44. Why therapy over the phone can be great
  45. How to make friends as an adult
  46. How to handle a negative colleague at work
  47. How to stand up for myself at work
  48. How to ask for what I need from my partner
  49. How to ask for what I need at work
  50. How to feel unselfish about prioritizing my wellness
  51. Why it’s okay to not feel okay
  52. How we pretend to be okay
  53. How to learn to trust someone that’s hurt you
  54. How to forgive yourself from your past
  55. How to accept imperfection
  56. What is the difference between over-use and addiction?
  57. How to talk to someone I love about problematic behaviours
  58. Finding happiness vs. purpose
  59. What addiction really means
  60. How therapy can help you focus more on your work

If you take one of the ideas above, make it your own, and post it on your site please share it in the comments below or in our Free Facebook Group.