Caring for clients is incredibly important. Here are some best practices that we urge our entire team to adopt. These are specifically written for our front-desk staff, though they extend to every member of our organization. Hope you find them useful!

  1. Remember that clients are people-first. We’re in the business of connection. So whatever you do, always find a way to connect in a meaningful, caring way.
  2. People can be coming in (or calling or emailing) with heavy and troubling things. Always default to being overly sensitive/respectful (i.e. asking people how they are may not work well. Instead, try saying hello and offering coffee or tea to create a warm welcome).
  3. Let clients take the lead. If they stay quiet, you stay quiet or if they want to chat a bit feel free to chat, pay attention to verbal and physical cues.
  4. Be aware of boundaries. We are friendly with clients but we are not their friends.
  5. The waiting area is a public space and anyone could walk in at any time.
  6. Be aware of optics (texting on your phone looks different to client than typing on a computer).
  7. Assume clients are always doing the best that they can (i.e. don’t get irritated when a client cancels, they might have something big going on).
  8. Respect that the client’s primary relationship is with their therapist (the quality of this relationship is also the biggest predicting factor for success in therapy).
  9. Sound carries from the waiting area, so be mindful as we conduct ourselves in the space.
  10. Don’t make assumptions about people’s gender identity, the gender of their partner, or other experiences.
  11. Don’t make comments on people’s names and, if you are unsure, please ask clients how to say their name.
  12. If compliments are your style, compliment things that people have choice about (i.e. glasses, nail polish, etc.).
  13. Always ask, “Is there anything else we can do for you today?”
  14. Always follow-up when you say you will.
  15. Go above and beyond when able to demonstrate our client care.
  16. Always leave people looking forward to coming back for the their next session.