Before you do anything on Instagram, you have to think about how you can make your time and effort worthwhile.

Remember that audiences aren’t just looking for pictures of products. They like stories, visual experiences, a lifestyle that they either already have or want to have! Your end goal with every photo you post should be to make your audience feel something. Whether that feeling is happy, grateful, educated, or helped, it’s up to you, but emotion is a powerful tool you need to use!

Actionable Things They Can Do at Home

This is a big one when it comes to talking about wellness and self-care. This is a great way for audiences to get “real” tips from a real therapist! Engage in weekly posting like #SelfCareSunday that showcases ways for audiences to show themselves some love.

Share a picture of you and your dog on a walk, enjoying the sunshine! Or maybe a cool video of a bath bomb dropping into the tub as the colours explode around it or maybe you share a checklist of things to do when you’re having a panic attack.

“Behind the Scenes” Shots

Although this may sound similar to Self-Promotion, keep in mind this isn’t an advertisement of your rates or specials going on at your practice. Instead it’s more like an “inside look” at what it’s like to be a therapist!

Photos of People You Admire

Once you’ve identified your audience, it’s easy to look through their feeds and identify the people they admire. Posting about your personal heroes and the people who inspire your audience helps make you relatable and helps others identify your values!


Not only do quotes look visually appealing, but they evoke emotion and hit people in the heart!

Tactics for Engagement

Now that we’ve established the different kinds of posts you can create, let’s talk about strategies you can use to gain followers and increase their engagement with your brand.


Hashtags, although at times annoying, are an extremely powerful tool. They can be used to link your profile to industries, traits, words or themes that you want to be associated with. Be sure to use them on ALL your posts, and tag things that fit with your voice, your brand and your goals! If you don’t like the way they make your caption look, write them all in a comment and post them to your image under the caption instead!

Geo Location

This simple trick will help you pop on search pages and the explore tab of the app MUCH more frequently. If you have a physical practice, it will also draw your profile to the attention of locals, aka potential clients!

Tag Relevant Groups

Tagging the makers of products you’re using in a photo, psychology groups when discussing therapy or anything else that’s relevant to your post will make your page more easily findable, and also increases the opportunity for shoutouts and collaborations with other brands and pages!

Follow Your Competitors Followers

The best way to find people who might be interested in your page and getting them to engage with you is simple! Find pages like yours, search through their followers and grab their attention by shooting them a follow request! Before you know it they’ll be creeping through your page.

Embed Your Instagram Photos on Your Website

This trick is easy to do, and ensures that anyone who’s browsing your site and clicks on a photo will immediately be taken to your Instagram page where hopefully they shoot you a follow.

Ask Questions

Engage your followers by asking them questions, encouraging them to comment. It increases interaction and makes your page look more legitimate.

Hold Contests and Ask for Submissions

Whether it’s asking followers to come up with mental health hashtags or just asking them to submit their favourite quotes, it’s great for others to see that your page has a loyal following that is ready to interact with you.