1. You deserve it.
Yes, YOU. You deserve to have paying clients coming to see you… repeatedly. You deserve to believe that you have value the world needs. You deserve to feel confident in the value that you are providing your clients. You deserve to have a busy, abundant practice.

2. You can learn how.
The information is out there (and right here, in time). You are not the first one to do this. Many have come before you, and many of those people have documented their learnings for you to follow. Regardless of your technical proficiency, your location, your available capital, you CAN learn all you need to know to build a healthy private practice.

3. You do have the time.
Yes, you do! Because when you have process and focus, you can build a private practice as your side hustle. You don’t need days or weeks to make it happen. You simply need focused time on a weekly basis. You need to prioritize. You need to avoid the noise and only do things that “move the needle.” Remember: We only have as many hours in the day as Oprah.

4. You can be consistent.
Consistency breeds excellence. And you are capable of consistency, because you CAN do the RIGHT things that will IMPROVE your practice. And the beauty is, if you know what you’re looking for, you can easily make the time for it. We promise. No matter if you started and stopped before (and maybe even a couple times), you CAN be consistent.

5. You aren’t your past failures.
Everything you’ve experienced to this point is a learning experience in building your private practice. Don’t shy away from your failures. Honour them by learning and growing from them. Because you maybe have failed once, twice or more doesn’t mean the same thing will happen this year. I promise.

What else? What are the other core beliefs you need to integrate into your life THIS year to build your dream practice?

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