Are you feeling like you are spending all your free time catching up on session notes and organizing your practice? You are not alone. I too spent hours each week after session (and cutting into my rare personal time) typing up session notes and trying to find ways to keep them organized. I tried many systems only to start over and over again as nothing really worked.

Then I Image result for jane appfound Jane!

Here are the top 10 reasons why integrating Jane into my practice saved me time, money and most of all allowed me to see more clients each week and increase my income!

It’s so user friendly
Jane is an amazing tool because it’s visually simple. Easy-to-navigate tabs live at the top of your page with simple lists unfolding beneath. Clicking on a client’s name will open an organized and detailed profile where you can easily add charts and view their booking and payment history.The interface is clean and simple, requiring little training!

Online booking is simple and straightforward
With just a few clicks clients can book every appointment we offer. A simple “Book Now” button on our website takes them to our Jane booking portal where all they need to do is click on the face of their therapist, select the kind of appointment they need (a phone consult, a video session —whatever!), and Jane immediately shows them their therapist’s earliest availability. On the therapist side, if I want to schedule a break, block of for vacation or cancel appointments, I too can easily do this!

Access securely anywhere you have internet accessImage result for jane appClients can do this anywhere —and so can we! If you need to catch up on client charts, adjust your availability, get some reporting done, or just check your schedule, you can do it all from the comfort of your own bed… or anywhere else you’ve got internet.

Payment tools are integrated
With integrated payment tool Payfirma clients can head from the therapy room straight to their cars. Collecting payment can be sensitive following a session, but with Jane a simple click and you’re set. This is especially helpful if you run a solo practice and don’t have an admin helping you cash clients out when you have back-to-back sessions. This is also helpful if a client no-shows or if you do frequent phone or video sessions!

Customer support is “wow” worthy
If you’re not great with tech, an online tool like Jane is only as good as its support, and Jane’s got it in spades. Our team is always impressed with how quickly our emails are answered —and therefore our confusion cleared up.

Client feedback: our clients love it!
We aren’t the only ones who love Jane either! Our clients love the ease of booking, the “Return Visit Reminders” (which are helpful for us too!) and how quickly Jane helps us pull up schedules, collect information, store payment cards and more. A happy client means a happy therapist.

Privacy Compliant with Canadian PHIPA laws.
Jane is a Canadian-based company (Vancouver to be exact) and therefore are well versed in Canadian privacy law related to storage and transmission of health information. Jane has servers in Canada, and password protected software, helping us to feel safe that our client’s data is securely stored. Bonus: We can change the privacy settings of our staff and clinicians to ensure the right people have access to only the data they need. ps. It’s HIPAA compliant for you Americans!

Quick and Easy Reporting
With Jane, reporting has never been easier. Navigating their “Reports” section is not only easier than ever, but valuable information and stats (that would take you hours of combing through numbers, old appointment schedules and more) are right there for you to see.Image result for jane app

Cost Effective
Compared to some of the other tools out there, Jane gives you a ton of bang for your buck. At less than the cost of a session per month (for our whole clinic) and even less as a solo-practitioner, it’s competitive and affordable for your practice. Jane combines a practice management system, a payment system, a calendar and booking site, chart template management, a reminder service (I could go on and on…) meaning one monthly bill for a ton of services! Also, it’s VERY glitch-free!

The bottom line is that Jane is a wonderful tool that makes everything easier which saves me a ton of time, and more time means more billable hours and feeling in control of my busy practice.