Facebook is a unique beast when it comes to social media. Its wide range of feature and options makes marketing on Facebook a tricky business but well worth it.

To this day Facebook is the most frequently accessed social media platform, and with that comes the potential for incredible reach which is why setting up your Facebook Page correctly is important.

Page Not Profile

Remember that setting up a Facebook page is entirely different from simply having a profile or account. A page is public, and something people will “Like” and “Follow”, while a profile requires people to send a friend request to access. Pages come with analytics, are easily found and overall provide a much greater marketing opportunity.

Profile and Cover Photo

Most people who click your page will only view it once before deciding whether or not to hit that Like button. Both your cover and profile photo should be attractive, complementary, and in line with your branding.

Pinned Posts

Taking advantage of pinned posts is another important tool. You have one shot to make a good impression, so keep your best, most relevant and popular content pinned to the top of your page for viewers to see immediately.

Call to Action Button

Facebook pages also have a call to action button you can activate. Essentially this is a button that you’re able to label whatever you want and then decide where clicking it will take page viewers. This is a great place to put “Book Now” or “Contact Us” with links to your website or booking page.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means, if you have good SEO, your page will appear more frequently when people Google your name or related topics. It’s an important tool when it comes to generating web traffic, and when it comes to optimizing your page, there are lots of things you should be doing.

Unique Page Name

Right off the bat, naming your page and creating a unique handle or username are important. If the goal of your page is to market your private practice, your page shouldn’t just be your name (especially if you have a really common name) but should incorporate an aspect of your business.

For example, although my name is Cali Timmins, if I were creating a Facebook page for my practice I would call it something like Cali’s Counselling, or something to that effect.

The next step is making your Facebook username. Facebook will generate a name, but those are usually filled with undesirable numbers or letters that reduce SEO. Instead make it clean, simple and representative of your page title. e.g. facebook.com/caliscounselling.


Use descriptive keywords in your about section that speak to exactly what it is you do. You want to increase your chances of appearing in search results whenever someone searches for anything related to you and your page. Be sure to attach your website here as well.


Make sure your website has several plugins that connect to your Facebook page. Any content you post should have a button next to it that allows viewers to immediately share  to Facebook.