A Better Kind of Peer Supervision

Meet Peer Group... Clinical and business group peer supervision to improve your practice.

Want to best serve your clients and grow your practice? We can help.

Hi, you!

You’re probably here because you are a member of our Facebook Group, are a peer of ours, or have otherwise stumbled on us through the wonder of the internet.

Almost everyday we get asked, “How can I get better peer supervision?” or “How can I get help growing my practice?”

That’s why we’ve created Peer Group! It’s designed to address both by creating a positive, accountable learning environment among likeminded therapists.

So check out the page below and ask yourself, “Could this help me?”

Enrolment is only open until July 31 at midnight, so don’t delay!

Hope to see you in the group!

– Megan and Jordan

What’s included in my membership to Peer Group?

Get matched with a small peer group of 4-6 likeminded peers.

Accountability tracking tools to keep you and your group on track!

Attend monthly peer supervision meetings on a secure video platform.

Access to your virtual meeting room on-demand for one-off meetings.

Access to a monthly webinar on a core business topic about growing your practice!

Connection with a tribe to help you improve your practice!

All of that for only $29 CAD per month.

Enrolment closes on Tuesday July 31 at midnight!








Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my monthly membership?

Your membership to the Peer Group includes:

  • A detailed matching preference form that will support you in being matched to a peer group based on your preferences and needs
  • A group of like-minded peers of 4-6 people, matched with you based on your practice focus and your region (as much as possible)
  • Access to our digital, secure and compliant platform where you can comfortably talk about your cases, professional challenges, and provide guidance to one-another
  • Standard monthly peer supervision meetings with extended access to our secure platform for more sessions as required (or for on-demand supervision with a peer or two)
  • Accountability tools and techniques to get the most out of meetings and the time in between them
  • First access to regional meet-ups in person for networking and socializing
  • Priority access to Mastermind groups and events

Why would I choose virtual over in-person peer supervision?

Virtual peer supervision offers a secure platform to deliver perks such as:

  • Flexibile scheduling
  • No traffic or hours spent driving to an agreed upon meeting place
  • No parking fees or tickets when visiting other practitioners offices
  • The opportunity to connect from the office or home at a time that works for you
  • The opportunity to meet like-minded therapists who work in other corners of the province or country
  • Additional on-demand peer meetings for those quick check-ins and questions
  • The fee counts as a business expense!

How will you know who to match me with?

You will complete a detailed intake questionnaire that allows us to better understand your needs when it comes to peer supervision. We will be asking you about your location, your availability, your years of practice, your preferences around working with others of the same designations or differences and your specialties, among others. 

So that means, for example, if you want to focus more on your case management, we can match you appropriately. Or, on the other hand, if you’d like to be part of a group that’s more focused on practice management and marketing, we can do that too. 

How many other therapists will be in my peer group?

We will aim to have between 4 and 6 members per peer supervision group which allows for a consistent attendance at each meeting, plus the opportunity to build great relationships with each member. 

Will there be RPs, RSWs and other practitioners in each group or will the groups be separated by designation?

We value all designations and enjoy collaborating; however, we do understand that some challenges can be designation specific. For this reason we will be asking your preference upon sign-up to ensure we best meet your needs.

What platform will this be on and is this platform HIPAA/PHIPHA compliant?

We will be hosting our peer supervision groups on our Zoom membership which we have worked directly with Zoom to make our platform healthcare compliant and confidential in Canada and the US. For our Canadian groups, the servers are located in Canada, as per college regulations.

If I don’t like my group, can I change groups?

We understand that just like dating, peer supervision groups may take a few tries before finding one that fits. If you are not enjoying your group, we will support you in finding a group that meets your needs.

Will I be matched based on my years of practice?

Again, we want to hear your preferences and if you’d prefer this option we will match you as best as we can with those in the program. We want everyone to feel that they can give and receive value in their group.

What if I want to leave the program?

All we require is 30 days notice of your request to leave the program. We like things to be easy! There’s no long-term commitment. 

Will there be further learning and mastermind group opportunities?

Are we glad you asked! Yes, we will have a one per year Mastermind opportunity at an additional fee that you will receive first access to. We will offer business and clinical education, networking and socializing. Stay tuned for more details.

Will there be in-person networking opportunities?

We are wired for connection! Yes, we will offer chances to network and in-person meet ups across regions. We can’t wait for us to meet IRL (that’s the digital slang for in real life)!

Why does it say I have a 14-day trial when I join?

Since we aren’t launching this program until August, we didn’t want to charge your credit card right away.

Why do I have to sign up by the 31th of July?

Rather than having rolling enrollment, we thought it would be best for everyone if we get the groups started at the same time and then do another cohort in 6-months. With that, if you’re interested don’t delay! And remember, you can cancel your membership anytime with 30 days notice.  

What happens after I sign up? 

You’ll get an email from us within minutes that outlines the next steps, including filling out an intake questionnaire, being assigned to your group, getting access to the video conferencing tools, and touching base with our team!

What devices can I access my Peer Group on? 

You can use your phone (Apple or Android), tablet, laptop or desktop! The video platform is (by far!) the best we’ve ever used for reliability.

I have a question. How can I reach you? 

No problem! Please email us at info@shiftcollab.com and we’ll get right back to you.